Going crazy at a huge fabric market : Sam Shui Po, Hong Kong

I just realized that eversince I told you guys that I am into sewing, I actually have not talked about it so much here right?

Well if you follow me on Instagram there were many posts that I made about it, but for now I have not really shared anything about where to get the supplies, how to get started and all.

Maybe I should now eh?

Anyway, a few weeks ago I was in Hong Kong on a short trip with my friend. I actually did not intend it to be a shopping trip, but I definitely had this one particular place in mind which I really wanted to go.

I discovered about it from a fellow sewist Idoublera and from that point I knew that I just have to go and check it out.

So if you are ever in Hong Kong, and you love hoarding fabrics, anddd you love a bargain (as in bloody cheap ones) - you must go here!


Does my face tells it all?


Ok fine.

Here are some more:

Rows and rows of haberdashery shops selling craft and sewing supplies, from threads to trims, to scissors to interfacing. Everything.

If you are into leather craft, you will cry at the sights of the leather craft supply shops. They are like freakin' a lot! I did not go into any one of them though, coz I am not a leather crafter. But if you ask me about the price, I am pretty sure that you can get a good bargain here.

Fabrics. Fabrics. Fabrics.

Ok the thing about their shops is they have it in different styles.

Most of the shops sells fabric by swatches. That means they only display their swatches where you go and choose and order it from them. Price wise, it is safe to say that you can save a lot if you order in bulk. I think it will still cost a lot cheaper than Malaysia.

There are also shops selling in pre-cuts, as well as in yardage. Many of them sells just by the road, or in their own shops. These are the shops that you want to go to.

For example, this shop Pattern Bee sells a lot of gorgeous chiffon fabrics at only HKD15 per meter. We went crazy. Even my mom who was in Malaysia went crazy hahah.

Another favourite shop for me is this shop named Uncle Korea. This is the place to go if you love woven cotton like linens and Japanese style fabrics. Best thing is : almost everything is sold at HKD10 per yard only.

I went crazy again. Hahah.

There is also another shop selling cute cotton prints also at cheap prices (HKD10-HKD20) per yard. But sorry I forgot to take a photo and their name. But it is just beside Uncle Korea if you want to look for them :)

There were also plenty of shops selling waterproof fabrics like these. They only sell in at HKD25 per 2 yard I think. All of them are mostly pre-cuts but you can ask for more if they have it yardage.

What I would advice is TAKE YOUR TIME.

Go there without any kid in tow as it is not really fun to bring kids, trust me. You will get so distracted, the kids will get bored and toilets or decent restaurants are not really easy to find. So if possible, try to work it out with your partner to take the kids somewhere else while you do the shopping. You'll thank me for this tip.

Take a close look at the fabrics they sell especially in the small shops or by the roadside. Chances are you will find one or two gems that tickles your fancy and is a great bargain.

Bring a shopping bag to help you carry those fabrics, especially if you take the MTR. A luggage bag does not hurt, in fact it would probably be a great idea.

Other than that, have loads of fun and go crazy haha.

Oh lastly, maybe this will help you get there too. Don't forget to look for Ki Lung Street!

Let me know if you are going, tell me about what you found too! :)


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