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Almost a full month of solo.

It's almost a full month of parenting alone here. Truth be told, as much as I am always up for the challenge, it is darn exhausting. I have now gained a new level of respect to those parents who chose to do this full time, being away from their partner and having to deal with parenting and home needs alone. What's more when they have a day job or a business to run. To you, I salute. I guess the only thing that is holding me up that this is all temporary. Husband is settling down well in Doha, but he too has a lot of things running through his mind, adapting to a new environment and to a new country, being homesick and having to deal with all the papers and formalities needed to start building a new home for us there. Oh ya, I did not make the announcement. Yes, we are uprooting and moving to Doha, Qatar soon. How I feel about it deserves a whole other post, which I will do, as I find myself gravitating back to writing as it is cathartic and helps me ground myself. The other day

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