My sewing projects so far this year

Lately, I am not being very attached to my sewing machine. But when I do, I have vowed to try my best to make it a complete project.

My heart aches whenever I see my incomplete projects stash, mostly because I feel ashamed of myself for not finishing what I started. Part of my heart just want to discard them for good, but I admit that part of me still wants to hold on, in case I can get back around someday (which I highly doubt). LOL. The dilemma.

Anyway, just feeling like sharing my complete projects so far:

I sew this dress for Bella for her to wear during my brother's wedding reception in March 2018. It was my first time sewing with a silk-ish material, but the fabric was still manageable. I had fun doing it, except for the part where I gathered the skirt unevenly and ended up having to pick and restitch. Bella was comfortable to run around in it, and it's her official party dress for now. LOL. I used a store-bought pattern from Spotlight - namely Butterick 3350.

I had the opportunity to finally learn hand embroidery with Barbara from @sartorialstitches at the Modern Sewing Market 2018 last month. A week later I managed to finish my first hand embroidery project. Yeay. I used 4 kinds of stitches in this project - the fishbone stitch for the leaves, French knots for the yellow buds, lazy daisy stitch for the blue daisies and woven wheel stitch for the roses. May this be the beginning of more projects in the future. Hehe.

I made simple zipper pouches for Bella's teachers for Teacher's Day last week. I even spent some time making handmade pompoms using yarns. I used the tutorial for pouch and pompoms by my favourite YouTube sewist, Made Everyday with Dana. Learn how to sew a lined zipper pouch from Dana here, and how to make yarn pompoms here!

I am still contemplating whether to sew some Raya outfits for the kids this year. Maybe a baju Melayu top for Khaleeli and kurung for Bella. Not sure yet.

Anyhow, there are still so many fabrics to make use of, sitting idly in my stash. Gotta make something out of it pronto.


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