Let me take you to my new kitchen :)

Ok, like finally. I know this post is long overdue, my apologies for that. Truth is, I failed over and over again to find the right time when my kitchen is less messy and ready for proper snapshots. Haha.

The kitchen finally finished in July. The timing was just right as I got to use it to cook rendang for Raya. These days I find myself spending time in the kitchen a lot more. Hey, anything new is a perfect morale booster, no? Hihi..

I would like to thank my dearest hubby for bearing with me during and before the project, and for being such a sweetheart to "expedite" it. Hehe. It took a lot of resources to complete this project, but it's all worth it.

Tapi takpe Bi, ni kira hadiah lumpsum lah tahun ni - birthday, anniversary, etc. Hehe. I promise I won't pressure you for anything else in the next errrr.... 6 months? :P

Our kitchen was inspired by IKEA obviously, and all of it were bought there too. The design was done by IKEA and we hired their contractors to measure and install the cabinets. The thing about buying from IKEA is that it takes slightly longer time.

First, we had to buy each and every item for the cabinets from IKEA and they will deliver all the loose part. Then, we had to wait for the installers to come and assemble. It's a long story, so if you want to know more just drop me a comment or send me an email and I'll try to explain k?

So here are some overall look of the kitchen :

When we moved in, there were 2 kitchens (wet and dry). We got the contractors to hack them and turned it into one long kitchen. Best decision ever. Haha.

Here are some sectional views :

Obviously I have to much things. Haha. Too much stuff going on the counter there, although most of the time I try to minimize it. Every once in a while a blender needs to come out, or a rice cooker, so sometimes I just leave it on the counter for a while.

Here is my favourite part of the kitchen :

Finally a nice place to put my cookbooks

That rug, and some succulents on the countertop
Oil station
I also love the new door that leads to the laundry area - that door with glasses (can anybody tell me the name of this kind of door?) :

Oh, and we built a breakfast bar too, up against the wall. A few things missing here though - a couple of barstools and some wall decorations. Maybe soon.

All in all, we are happy with the results. Some people ask me why do we choose a solid wood top - obviously it's because it brings out a natural look. As for the maintenance, well, it takes a bit of discipline to always make sure that we wipe it clean every time there's water or liquids on it. Also a little oiling every 6 months like that.

We do have some problems with the wiring and hood outlet though, but we'll get to that later.

There is one corner that I plan to make a "family station" - a place where I can put the family calendar, some stationeries and notices. It is still yet to finish so I'll blog about it later :)

So that's it. Our major project of 2013. All those planning, worrying, waiting, arguing and we have never been so in love.

Again, if you have any questions on planning your IKEA kitchen, do drop me a comment or email. I'll try my best to answer them and give you some idea on what to expect, of course, based on my own experience lah.


Arina yusof said…
i really fa''ing in love with your kitchen, laundry area... ohhh soo inspored. bestnyaaaa
Unknown said…
the long awaited things from IKEA are worth it! so nice. boleh masuk mag ni...

can i ask how much is the total termasuk delivery n installation etc
Fathiyah said…

hi ayuni...ur kitchen is to die for! i will email to u soon.nak tnya mcm2 nih. hehehe ;)
Ayuni A. said…
Thanks Arina, Athidean and Fathiyah.

Athidean : The total charges for installation and cabinet was around 16K macam tu. Ikea charges delivery based on their standard rate (RM70) rasanya..

Fathiyah : Okie :)
Shakina Farhan said…
i'm loving it! truly inspired me..tahun dpn nak beli rumah..minat style cmni jugak..tq sudi share!
Job well done! Looks really bright and sunny :)
.Lydia. said…
owh,sungguh cantik.nmpk sejuk je.mcm ni hari2 dok kt dapur pon xde mslh kan.lg2 part yg ade cookbook tu.suke..
Nadine said…
cantik sgt! kalau i ada kitchen mcm ni pun, berejam i bleh lepak kat sana... :)
erinchunk said…
I LOVE YOUR KITCHEN!!!!!! of cos i love u too!! nok gi ghumoh!!!! ♥
Puan Hazel said…
Wow! So lovely & inspiring.. both of u have a great taste la... happy cooking!
Puan Hazel said…
Wow! So lovely & inspiring.. both of u have a great taste la... happy cooking!
Unknown said…
love your kitchen so much...really nice but i cant work with white so much. sangat tak pandai jaga.
but really so inspired by it.
~ NANA ~ said…
cantiknya kitchen! nangis tengok T_T

i punya KC pon kayu putih tapi masih tak siap, taktau lagi apa rupa...

suka ur kitchen sangat-sangat-sangat!!!
Huda@Hood said…
Terlalu cantik sampai rasa nak pengsan!
Anonymous said…
was actually waiting for your blogpost after your instagram picture.
and glad u did blog abt it!

nicely done babe and
and lovin the all whites and solid wood look ..
Unknown said…
Cantiknya.. Terasa berada dalam dunia lain. Cantik sangat..
Aty Fared said…
cantik nyer KC..cantik kemas bersih...:)
Ayuni A. said…
Thanks again for the comments everyone :)
Amnah Shurfa said…
Congrats! Your kitchen looks beautiful! Well done!
Amnah Shurfa said…
Congrats! Your kitchen looks beautiful! Well done!
eug|ena said…
cantek!!! nampak kemas & bersih sgt!

i love your laundry area!

totally inspired :)
The wife said…
ade jugak akhirnya org blog psl no. thanks ayuni! sent an email nak tnyr more details. hope to hear from you soon.

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