I am doing a social media detox and it feels amazing.

It has been a full 24 hours since I uninstalled Instagram and Facebook on my phone. 

How do I feel?


Suddenly it feels like time has expanded, and there's more space in my head to focus on the things that I have been meaning to do all this while.

I have better focus & clarity, less negative "talks" going through my head that constantly scrutinizes myself and I start hearing more of the positive voices. Wow I thought that I am OK and it's manageable, but truth is, it does gets to me.

What led me to do it, you may ask? 

Well, this is not the first time I have done it. But I had this build up of this feeling that invited the imposter syndrome in myself, especially when it comes to me as mum and entrepreneur. Not sure if you have ever felt that way. You find yourself consuming post after post, story after story, reels after reels and in the end it left you feeling like you're just not enough. Not done enough. Not having enough.

As a person who uses socmed a lot, I am aware of the fact that is is always a curated content designed to project only the good things about ones life/endeavour. However sometimes as a human being, it does get challenging.

Time also flies by unproductively when we are drown in consuming too much social media. Ever had that moment when you meant to do one thing, but in the end you found out that you have wasted away an hour on the phone? That's pretty scary when it happens, I really don't like it but I find myself falling down the rabbit hole every now and then.

One day, I had enough and I just hold the app button and selected "Remove App".


One scary thing that I realized too is that I found myself reaching for the phone almost like in auto-pilot mode. My fingers immediately navigated to where Instagram and Facebook used to be. Wow, that's also pretty scary at how it has become such a habit.

Ah, the perils.

However, as a mumpreneur with a home-based business, the truth is I can't fully detach myself from social media. I have to admit that social media is one of my strongest platform for my personal branding & marketing, and I do love creating contents for my audiences and adding value to them.

I think the key is being aware about how we consume things, and being intentional with what kind of contents that we are subscribing to. Self-discipline in terms of being on socmed also plays an important role for productivity because as we all know we are all now living in this giant distraction era that is social media.

Being aware of our own feelings and emotions is super important too. I think what helped me to kickstart this "detox" is awareness of that negative feeling and thankfully, I have trained myself to try to disrupt it by finding ways to climb out of that hole. It's a process definitely, I am still learning to do it faster instead of letting myself spiral.

I'll probably turn on IG and FB on my phone again in a few days. I do visit it on my laptop when I need information, but so far, I am not spending time there and I am committed to this time-off.

I hope that I'll come back refreshed and more intentional in the way I use social media.

How about you? Have you experienced what I experienced? What did you do to fix yourself?


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