Recipe: Cornflake Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have finally got a mixer.

Yes, all those baking before this, I mixed doughs and batters with my hands. Didn't know what I was thinking, but it was really intense for my biceps. Lol.

I wish that it is that beautiful, lime green or maybe pink Kitchen Aid Artisan stand mixer though, but after some reality check (and price check), I have to surrender from the idea. *sobs*

I've got a Kenwood Chefette instead. Well, to be honest it is not that bad. Quite good for a starter in fact.


So my baking adventure continues. Last weekend, I baked some more cookies. Since I still have some cornflakes lying around and some chocolate chip, I decided to bake some choc chips cookies (of course!).

I googled for the recipe and found a lovely piece from It looked tasty so I used her recipe and gave it a try.

I did not notice that the cookie was the chewy kind as well (she mentioned it in her post actually), so I ended up having to eat it all on my own again (hubby is not a fan apparently :(. The chewiness comes from the cornflakes of course, and maybe also from the oatmeal.

Anyway, that does not dampen my spirit. I shall continue and keep on trying. Haha. Maybe someday I'll nail a recipe or two, who knows. It always takes a lot practice doesn't it?

Well, here is the link to the full recipe if you want to give it a try too. Let me know how it turned out for you ok?


Hana Yunus said…
sedapnyee nampak!
Ayuni A. said…
Hihi..bolehlaa buat makan sendiri :)

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