Do you have a dirty little secret?

Lately I have been crazy about scents.

And when I say crazy, I mean it in a good and a bad way.

Some scents or smells just makes me want to puke and set my mood off – for example, the lingering smell of smoke on my clothes after dining in a poorly ventilated eatery. It just drives me insane!

On the other hand, I find myself enjoying the smell of roses and lavender, and any other soothing fragrances that comes from the home and body products.

The last time I passed through the airport shop, I bought myself a full set of roses body wash, body lotion and body spray, just because I love smelling nice. Every time I go for window shopping, I find myself browsing through those lovely fragrances at the home and body shops (and fighting very hard not to spend my money on them again!).

Just about time, Method has come out with a new, 2014 limited edition hand wash. You probably know that I use Method products at home, mostly because it gives me the comfort of using something more organic and with less chemicals.

So, when they contacted me to do a review of the new hand wash, I immediately said yes!

So here it is – Plumeria – the brand new limited edition fragrance that honestly, reminds me of my favorite perfume from Tods, one that I got as a wedding gift from my husband.It has this tropical and sexy kind of smell, one that does not sting the nose and lingers for a while.

I also love the lovely purple colour and its patterns (Method seems to have very creative designers for their packaging, which adds value to their line, methinks).

The texture of the liquid is very soft and most importantly it does not leave my hands feeling dry after using it. Bella also seems to love the smell, and yup, I have no qualms letting Bella use it because as usual, all Method products are naturally derived from plants.

Want one for yourself? No worries, Plumeria can be found at these places by mid-May, so try your best to get it before it finishes ok?

Village Grocer Bangsar
Village Village Grocer Mont Kiara
B.I.G. Publika
Online at

This limited edition is range is produced only once, so when it is finished, it’s finished!

And here is another thing, especially to those of you who loves to join contests. First, make sure that you have liked Method Malaysia’s Facebook page over here:

1. Now is the time for you to share your dirty little secret … do you lick your hands instead of washing them? Do you clean them on your jeans? Do you wash your hair with hand soap when shampoo runs out? I dare you to share!
2. Post a photo or make a comment using the hashtag #dirtylittlesecret so it’s easy for Method to find you. Share as many secrets as you want … it feels good to let it all out!
3. Don’t forget to like the contest post on Method Malaysia’s FB page too!

4. Three (3) of the most creative, quirky or elaborate photos/comments will win two (2) bottles of plumeria limited edition hand wash each.

5. This contest is open from:
16 May to 22 May 2014 (midnight)

6. The winners will be notified via FB so stay tuned to their FB page ok?

All the best! Now let me think if I have any dirty little secret to share..hmm…


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