Bella's 3rd birthday

Bella is now 3 years old!

Her birthday was actually earlier this month, on 7th Oct to be precise.

Initially I had some plans to throw her a birthday and housewarming party at home, but due to some other important matters and financial priorities, we had to do it a different way.

So I ordered a cake (a huge one!), packed some goodie bags and throw her a small party at school. The good thing about having it at her school is that she is surrounded by familiar friends and teachers, so in a way that was quite a good move.

Delicious rainbow cake from Flavox Patisserie (find them on FB)

Cutting the cake.
Some of her schoolmates, and the principal Ms Susan

As much as I’d love to have a lavish, themed birthday party for her, I hope she enjoyed the small party nonetheless.

On another note, these days Bella’s vocabulary has grown immensely. She is now able to construct full sentences so we can also enjoy a decent conversation with her. Although there are times that we could not decipher what she said, eventually we will understand what she meant (with some frustrations from her once in a while heheh). What’s important is that she always makes the effort to communicate with her words.

Her memory completely amazes me too. She can tell where things go and come from, who people are and which road leads to her school. I guess that is part of a normal 3yo development, and it's good to know she is right on track, Alhamdulillah.

She still loves her milk in a bottle though, but only at home. At school she is always been trained to be an independent grown up girl, so she drinks her milk from a cup. I have decided to leave the bottle affection for a little while longer anyway, mostly because the only time that she still looks like my little baby is when she is drinking from her bottle and I want to hold on to that hehehe…

I know someday she will outgrow the bottle. Don’t worry - I won’t let it become too late. I’ll try!

Ah Bella….how fast she is growing up freaks me out sometimes. And as the years come by more things worry me – her education, her adolescent years - ahh..perhaps I think too much.

Isn’t it funny, how we want our babies to stay little, but at the same time our hearts flutter when they hit a growing-up milestone?

Do you feel the way I feel with your children too? What is the best thing your child ever did in his/her growing up process so far?


Huda@Hood said…
Perasaan mak2 ni pelik.
Gembira sebab anak membesar.
Eh. Sedih pulak anak dah besar.

Hafizah said…
happy birthday cute bella! comel sgt bella pkai uniform...
Nadine said…
OMG Bella, ur such a living doll. Dahla bam bam! geram aunty ok. I just love to see how cheerful she was in every photo u posted. I bet she definitely had one blast birthday party at the school! :D
Atikah Hakita said…
happy birthday bella. i found out talking to our children much more fun sometimes.
since my girl are very talkative sometimes even i also have no idea what she talking about. but i still love to hear it.
past few days, my girl come to kitchen and hug my legs and say sayang mama. it was wonderful and i feel like to cry on that time..haiyaa..
child are so sweet in their own way.
Chekgu Azrine said…
Happy 3rd birthday bella!!
Ayuni A. said…
Oh dear, this is embarassing. Baru terhegeh2 nak reply comment. Sorry dearies!

Anyway thanks for your wishes and comment. I trust we all share the same ironic truth, suka tgk anak membesar tapi tetiba rinduuu pulak masa dia kecik :)

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