Weekend Wrap Up

I feel like I have not posted an entry since forever, so here I am trying my best to fill the next 30 minutes (I need to still be in the office anyway, biasala, siapa suruh datang lambat? Hehe)

Hubby was home for his off day, and usually if he is around I always try my best to spend quality time, just the 3 of us.

Just feeling like sharing some Instagram shots from last weekend. Oh yes, I am addicted to it now :) Such a creative way to “microblog”. Heee…

 Pose for the camera, while waiting to try on some shoes for Bella.

 ERL ride to KLIA to send PIL for Umrah

 Bella's cousin. Just a few months older than her.Notice their cheeks?

 My favourite walkway in Alamanda Putrajaya

Sunday breakfast at a local mamak restaurant

I am leaving for Kuantan again tonight. I have a 2-days training at Vistana Hotel, but this time I am taking Bella and hubby along. Plus I already miss the home so much, time to pay a visit and also retrieve more items to fill my makeshift room at my parent’s place. I hope we get to move into the new home very soon though.

Till then!


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