What Syawal has taught me

This Syawal my dad was hit with the most saddening event, his best friend passed away on the 2nd raya.He passed on peacefully after he finished his Isya' prayers, while resting on his beloved wife's lap. Just like that, when the time comes, Allah can take us away from this deceiving world in an instant.

As all other people Eid is the perfect time to catch up with relatives, those we rarely meet after the previous raya ended,those we meet once a year. And each year,everyone seems to grow a bit older. Babies became toddlers,teens became adults, and adults grow some more white hair and a little wrinkle.

The usual questions would be what is this kid doing now, where is he/she studying, when is this cousin getting married, and who gave birth to another baby. Or how is grandpa doing, is he healthy and still strong, or how did granny coped with some headache she complained of earlier this year. Also some anecdots and reminiscense of the old times, aunties will start telling stories about how we grew up, and how mischievous we were when we were kids. Storytelling time was mostly filled with joyful laughter and made grandpa's house alive.

And then Eid ends. And then we wait for another year, until we all catch up again. Meanwhile everyone continue and move on with their daily lives.

A lot of things could happen in a year. Good and bad things. Life goes on, and time does not wait for any man. We were born,then we go to school. Next thing we are making our own living, get married, have a baby or two. Then our kids grow up, they get married and we have grandkids. And then we grow older and older and when the time comes, we all die. The circle goes on and on, and after all the world is always temporary.

The question is how prepared are we to meet our Creator. Sometimes we are too busy with our worldly affairs, we tend to forget to prep our sould for the hereafter. I tend to drift too, so I pray to Allah that I do not get lost and go astray.

Ramadhan has left us, but lets not leave the good deeds and practice behind.


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