Pillar of Strength

There is this kind of feeling, some kind of an excitement, when i anticipate my husband's home coming every day off.

It feels like those days are going to be better, even when probably we will just end up lazying at home and playing with Bella. Or just catching up on household chores.

It feels like a release , from a burden that I had to carry alone during the days he was away. A burden of constantly worrying about the home, the baby and her well being. A burden of feeling guilty of having to leave our baby and missing out on her.

And when he finally reaches home, the tired and worn-out me instantly transforms. It is in the fact that knowing that he is there, really there, to share all my joys and my worries.

When he is home, I feel like there is a renewed strength inside of me, all over again.It's uplifting.

To my husband, you are my pillar of strength. I pray that I could hold on, and hold on some more until the day that we could be there for each other, all the time again.


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