I am settling down...

..err, not with somebody, excuse me.. but at a place where i can call home.

I told you i was moving out from the house in Balok Perdana (5 mins from workplace). That house was not a home at all. So i am glad that now i have a nicer one. I wish that i could buy one,but renting is only the option for the time being. And of course i'd wish that i have a cozy apartment of my own, that as well is not possible now.

My new home would be a double storey, nearby town. It got basically everything, coz the owner left much of her furnitures behind. I am renting it with 2 other , Anis and Dhuha. Just nice.Not too many to cause hassle, not too few to burn your pockets with the rent.

I actually moved out last Saturday, got some help from some friends,but most of it i did it alone as usual. Moving into a double storey really works me out. My legs still aching because of the heavy lifting and the numerous trips i had to make to get my stuff upstairs. Frankly i did not mind at all, coz that is one of the way to get me sweat. He he. At least i know i burnt some calories.

Now that i live nearby town, nights wont be that boring anymore. Eateries are a lot, cineplex is just a few minutes away. Not to forget MCD drive-thru and delivery which makes life a lot easier sometimes. Do not underestimate Kuantan, so far it has been friendly and welcoming, given if you stop comparing it with a big city like KL.

Anybody dropping by? Just give me a call and i will take you on a tour. Hehe.


Emri said…
your own sweet home finally eh. hope it start with something memorable=)
sarahtebuan said…
heh sape yg underestimate kuantan actually? =P~

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