Euphonious memories.

Prelims: 18-19 March 06
Finale: 24 March 06

Kinda like Battle of the Bands thingy, except that each band has to have at least one song that includes musical instruments that is not always arranged in a typical band. Back then UTP used to have it's own Battle of the Bands, nicknamed Staged. As expected, the idea was quite rejected by most of the 'rulers' of the campus, a.k.a the paranoid MPPUTP, so the event only lasted until the 4th cycle.

Thanx to ICCUTP, they have managed to come up with a new version of BOTB. And they have made it least..err,should i say..rocky? In other words, tak keras sangat la,by making unique instruments as a pre-requisite to join the competition, and also require bands to sing a song from Euphonious own evergreen list. The competition was fun anyway, i can say it was a success. Congratulations to the organizing comittee.

The best thing is that i got to join the competition too. Aha, by having the ability to play a unique instrument, i was invited by one of my fellow orchestra members to join his band. At first i was sceptical, yela, it is not easy to arrange a standard contemporary pop/rock music song together with a unique instrument. And in this case, my instrument is the alto saxophone. Dipendekkan cerita, in the end, which i mean the very last minute, we were able to come up with an arrangement. We all worked hard. Oh btw, our band is The Diminished.

To be honest i wasnt expecting us to make it to the finals, but i tried my best anyway. There were 16 excellent bands competing, and only 5 was to be selected for the finals. To our awe, we made it!~ ,along with other 4 bands - Silent Noise, The Raptors, Always and Forever, The Guvnors. These are the best bands and I once again was not expecting to win the Grand Prize. For the finals we have performed these songs ~

  • Hotel California, Cant take my eyes off you medley
  • Just Feel Better
  • Tentang Dia

In the end, after trying my best and our best again, to our awe once again, WE have WON the competition. Yup, win as in being the CHAMPION! It was a surprise, especially to me, but then, yeah, rezeki kat kitorang. Alhamdulillah :).I could not stop smiling and laughing that night, and it was really a beautiful surprise.

So here i would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who supported our band and voted for our glory~ special thanks to
  • my roomate, Mira, for being my personal supporter :P
  • to Sha and the geng, for being the COOLEST supporter
  • to Duncan, Duck, Capoi and Lula -- our sound engineers
  • geng2 Chip for being the most supportive supporter :)
  • Bawang -- for being our own saxophone coach :P
  • to my housemates - Rfa,Lubby,Jamie,Hana.. thx for being there and supporting our band~
  • Ija and Sarah, u guys being there pun is enough :)
  • Member2 satu Batch and course -- geng2 Eda, geng2 Noran..sume2 la :)

Lastly and most of all, kudos to The Diminished ourselves --

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Amin - bassist
Aman - lead guitar
Ban - 2nd guitar
Tonjong - Drummer
Chip, Kimi - Vocalist
Oden - Keyboardist
Am - Gambus
Dila n Me - Saxophones

May we keep on letting the music play and ROCKIN'~


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