Pre-school Game Tutorial : Colour Paper Butterfly Hunt

I have recently discovered that I am not very good at teaching young children.

I tried, but whenever I did, I usually end up frustrated and my poor kids will be so confused with what I was trying to teach them.

So I guess I have an excuse to leave homework to my husband. He seems to have a better temperament when it comes to teaching and explaining concepts to our children.

Instead of explaining concepts, I choose to do hands-on activities with the kids. Like crafting, for example. Or maybe outdoor activities, or the ones that require us to move about or create something.

Although I must admit that I usually run out of resources and idea.

Good thing that I have discovered - a resource site with PLENTY of teaching and activities ideas that we make use of for teaching the kids, especially at home.

For Khaleeli, there are a lot of FREE online pre-school games ideas that I can use too. Take a look at them here.

Of course, there are also a selection of worksheets, activities and games for children of all ages!

The team at has also generously offered to share one activity with my readers at Mommy Confessionals. I think it is brilliant especially if you have a garden at home (but you can also play inside if it's raining, honestly). Haha.

When you've got sunny skies, warm sun and blossoming flowers around, it's the perfect time for your child to chase butterflies. 
By creating her own butterfly net and paper butterflies, your child can capture butterflies inside or outside. She can even get creative with her butterfly crafts on the rainiest of days! 
Jump into this preschool-aged game, and help your child learn more about nature, science, and arts & crafts.
What You Need: 
Wood embroidery hoop, small
Net bag, (found on vegetables like onions or brussels sprouts)
Low-temp hot glue gun, with parental supervision
Wooden dowel rod
Colour paper/cards, various colors
What You Do: 
1. Help your child to place the edges of the net bag over the inner hoop of the embroidery hoop, then latch the top hoop over the bag and screw it into place. The bag will be secured between the two hoops. 
2. Have your child watch as you hot glue the wooden dowel rod to the outer edge of the embroidery hoop, creating a handle for the butterfly net. 
3. Encourage your child to fold a sheet of construction paper in half, vertically, so it's thin and tall. 
4. Have her draw half of a butterfly, (one wing and half the body) starting at the folded edge. She can repeat this until half-butterflies fill the fold of the paper. 
5. Keeping the paper folded, she can cut out the half-butterflies, and unfold them into whole butterflies. 
6. She can lay out the butterflies around the inside or outside of the house, or toss them in the air and try to capture them with her butterfly net. 
Is your child a spring or summer baby? If you're throwing a birthday party during this time, this activity is the perfect way to get the kids outside.

Sounds doable right? I am yet to try it out with the kids soon too.

Have fun playing with your kids :)



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