Why you should get Biolane for your baby and you

When I first received these lovely products from Biolane, the first thought that came to my mind was that they won't be smelling a thing.

It is not a bad thing about the products though, it is just me because I am a sucker for nice smelling things. LOL.

Anyway, I do understand that some scents and chemicals are actually not very good for sensitive skins and babies skin, therefore I totally get it why they don't smell so strongly like the conventional ones out there.

Nevertheless, I still love how these Biolane skincare products actually have a bit of fresh and baby-ish smell (heaven, right?).

At the same time, they are still specially formulated with Hydra-Bleine, a patented formulation made using active natural ingredients like wheat germ oil that nourishes and protects while helping to strengthen the skin's natural defenses.

So, among all of these, my favourite would be the shower gel and the stretch mark cream.

The shower gel particularly for it's heavenly baby smell and silky texture which I can generously use on Khaleeli, and the stretch mark cream because the texture is just nice - not too sticky and not too light. Plus it also has a lovely, mild smell almost like a gentle baby powder.

Well, I may not have a baby or a cracked nipple right about now, but I would love to share an up close of Biolane Nursing Balm too, in case you are a mom looking for the right nursing balm to help soothe cracked nipples (ouch, I know).

What I particularly love about Biolane Nursing Balm is it's sweet smell and the fact that it is made from 99% natural origin ingredients. So if you use it you won't have to worry about it being ingested by the baby as it is perfectly safe if the residue is still there when baby starts to nurse.

So yep, Biolane would definitely be the top of my list when I have my next baby (I would probably save some of this for it, I hope it doesn't go bad haha).

Thank you Biolane for these lovely products. I really love it and I hope my readers would try it out too :)


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