Khaleeli's wonderful session at BeeBop Circus , The School @ Jaya One

Khaleeli at BeeBop Circus, The School @ Jaya One

Khaleeli is 2 and a half years old now (sorry I could not figure out how many months that is, LOL), and he is as bouncy, clumsy and rough as EVER.He gets knocks and bruises and falls and whatnots all the time, and the best part is he doesn't care. Gahh. Sometimes that drives me up the wall!

Anyway, I know that is a sign of healthy development of his gross motor skills, and I am happy too. My husband and I love to think of ourselves as the outdoor-sy, adventurous parents so yeah, we let him play rough whenever the space and time permits. We also believe in how much outdoor play actually helps with the kids learning and development.

A few months ago, BeeBop Circus at The School, Jaya One contacted me for some trial classes at their center (apparently a perfect place for Khaleeli!)

We were there for 4 times, and Khaleeli really enjoyed himself (after he got comfortable with the instructors and environment lah, he kan a very shy boy...).

So basically BeeBop Circus is a educational and play center that focuses on learning through physical activities, music, dance, colours and moral values.

They have this huge gym space with fancy theme and structures safe for the kids to bounce and play according to a specific curriculum, developed specially by early childhood educators and fitness instructors.

Kids will need to be registered for a package and attend classes at BeeBop Circus Jaya One, Petaling Jaya every week within a specific hour. For Khaleeli's age, at least one parent must be involved to play together with their child (which is actually good exercise for mom and dad too! lol ).

So here are some more photos for you to have a better idea:

They have alternate themes every month and I think this was a forest/adventure theme or something
Khaleeli really loved this!

Ice-breaking session before starting with circuit play

So they have to go from one "obstacle" to another in a circuit, guided by the instructors

Mommy would love to jump in!

Rolling rolling!

Practicing his coordination skills

Working his core!

Up to the tunnel!

Ending the session with some bubble time :)
I honestly think that this place is amazing and enjoyable for kids! One drawback is for shy kids like Khaleeli, it is better to go early for them to get used to the environment and break the ice with the instructors. After that, they will totally have fun!

They also have classes for older kids, so if you are interested just give them a buzz (pun intended)!

Thank you very much BeeBop Circus Jaya One for this amazing and educational opportunity. Khaleeli really had a blast! :)


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