The mom brain.

The mom and the photocopied version of her
Yes, such brain does exist, people.

But it does not mean that you are a bad mom when you have the mom brain. You are just simply being a mom.

And I swear it gets worse the more kids you have.

Like a few wires in the brain snapped when you had your first, and then more snapped and get tangled when you had your subsequent ones.

These days I always find myself recalling things that used to be trivial to me.

Like seriously, I freaking forget people's name. I hate myself for this because I used to be so confident about my name-remembering skills back in my younger days. I would NEVER ask for a person's name back in the days, but these days I seem to have gained this lovely, "mak-mak" skill of asking "sorry dear, can you tell me your name again?".

And then comes all the requests from the teachers at Bella's school. Mommy needs to do this, mommy needs to find that. And I keep on freakin' forgetting to the extent that I feel so embarassed.

What is wrong with me?


Then again, maybe this mom brain is legit after all.

See, a mom had to endure this OUT-OF-THE-WORLD pain when giving birth and then a few months later she can simply say that she would love to have another baby.

I mean, who else does that right??

Yep, thank GOD for the mom brain.

If not, I think humankind may have ended a long time ago.


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