Cooking up a Korean storm with K-Market @ 11Street.MY

A few weeks ago (and how aptly before my first trip to South Korea that deserves a post too), I was invited by the fabulous people at to attend their launching of K-Market on their site.

FYI, K-Market is a Korean grocery retailer located in Solaris Mont Kiara, and they do sell a wide array of fresh produce, dairy, food and beverages from South Korea! Now, they are selling their stuff online, which we can easily buy from


Because Korean food is my next favourite after Japanese, I immediately said yes to that!

I am a big fan of Korean food, especially those banchan (side dishes) and of course, kimchi! It is quite an acquired taste, but after I have acquired them, it has become my all time favourite (I do eat them as snacks too haha).

During the event, we had the opportunity to learn how to cook some Korean-Malaysian fusion dishes, as demonstrated by Chef Lin, a Malaysian chef who seems to know how to mix those ingredients around.

After that, we also had a Korean-pancake cooking competition, to which my team won! Yeay!

Now I know how to cook Korean pancake better. Yeay to that too!

Of all the dishes shared by Chef Lin, I personally love these two, which I am going to share the recipe, in case any of you would love to try it out

Check it out:

Nasi Goreng Kampung Kimchi

Banana Milk Sago

*replace flavoured milk with Banana Milk :)

Thank you very much K-Market and 11 Street for this amazing opportunity! I am honestly so very happy to improve my Korean cooking skills, which helps a lot when the craving comes :)

Do you guys love Korean food? If yes, what is your favourite?


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