Celebrating Bella's 6th birthday

I could not believe that this is the final year of kindy for Bella.

To be honest, I am not ready to part with the kindy schedule and how I can be so carefree when it comes to her not doing her homework and skipping school (come on, it's just kindy right? She is just a baby! Let her have some fun!)

Truth is, she is already freakin' 6 years old, and she is soo going to the big kids school next year.

So to celebrate her final year, I decided to throw her a nice birthday party at school a few weeks back (that was on 7th Oct 2016 actually), right on her birthday.

This year, I ordered a nice cake from my trusted baker friend at Flavox Patisserie and decided to just DIY the topping for Bella's chosen theme - Paw Patrol. Her cakes never failed me and so yummy. I even ordered from her during Bella's 3rd birthday party.

Instead of baking a cake, I cooked fried rice and fried some fries and nuggets for the whole school that day. By the way, all the stir-fry action really killed my triceps that day (it was already so sore from my new weightlifting workouts) so I ended up having darn sore triceps for almost a week! Gahhh sakit please.

Anyway, as usual here are some photos of her lovely birthday.

That smile on her face, her excitement - I'd kill for that anytime. It just made my day and even my triceps went numb for a while (OK fine, I was exaggerating. Teheheh)

Major love.

I have a collection of her posing with her cake on her birthday every year. I think should not start looking at them now because I would probably wake up with puffy eyes tomorrow.

Can't believe that she is so grown up now.



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