Trying to live better

I am just a normal human being, so every now and then I do get overwhelmed by what is happening in my life. That moment when you feel like you have so many things to do, but so little time to make use of. In the end you end up not doing anything productive anyway, and it just drives you crazier.

Ironically, we all have 24 hours, nothing more nothing less. Somehow, there are people out there who are able to deal with it successfully, and I have decided to try to follow their footsteps.

I have done a few things in the list above, and it has given me a very positive impact in my life.

Like very positive and it makes me feel good about myself.

I have tried no.1, no 3, no 12 (although still struggling), no 13 (although I do lose to cookies sometimes), no 16 (I swear this one really helps to clear the mind), no 17 (I think I have been liberated from fashion pressures), no 18 (same as no16) and I wish I could do no 20 a lot more often (the weather in Malaysia here is so unforgiving though.... ).

So how about you? Have you done any one of these before? How does it impacts your life for the better?


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