Sewing clothes for myself

Looking back at how I started this sewing hobby of mine, it was really just a spur of the moment.

When I was approaching the last day of my job, I suddenly realized that I will be having extra time to spend so I thought why not I start exploring sewing?

Next thing I know I already signed up for a basic sewing class and the rest is history.

After sewing a lot of things from kids clothing to tote bags to blankets, I was actually quite reserved when it comes to sewing for myself.

Frankly put - I have high standards when it comes to my own outfit and I don't think I would pass it. LOL.

So it was quite some time until I decided to give it a try when I was browsing ready-made patterns on sale at Spotlight (they always have sale don't they? It's getting old. Pfft).

Anyway, giving myself the benefit of the doubt, I started with this pattern and a nice (and quite expensive -___-") fabric. It was this houndstooth print, cool rayon fabric that I fell in love at the first sight.

Alas, I hereby confess that it is still a work in progress. OK fine, I don't even know if I am ever going to finish it. Becausee.....I got the sizing all wrong and it is darn huge for me. Ugh.

I ditched the idea of sewing my own clothes for a while again, but it didn't took so long for a second attempt. I mean, if you are into patterns and sewing like me you seriously could not say no to those lovely patterns they are selling there.........

So, here was my 2nd time. I used this pattern but this time I used a knit fabric and an overlocker (oh, yea I finally own one now. Dance!)

It went pretty well actually! I was so skeptical and a tad too careful this time but it is actually wearable haha.

It is far from perfect though, you know, turn it inside out and it looks a little funny at the seams but I am OK with it (that is the beauty of sewing for fun, heheh).

Plus, I am a huge fan of batwings and loose fitting tops. Hides the curves, y'know. And super comfy too.

I have a few other patterns waiting for me to have the guts to give it a try. Haha. Meanwhile, I'll just let them lay low until the calling comes again. 

But this, this I can make some more.

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