Dream Big, Princess Bella!

I remember sometime ago when I asked Bella what she wanted to become when she grow up.


That was her answer.

Well, considering her age that might not have been a serious answer (she was 3 or 4 when I asked her that question). Or maybe she was so inspired by carrots she decided to become one when she grow up. I really don't know. Haha.

Speaking of growing up aspirations, I recently asked Bella again on what she wanted to be someday.

She told me she would like to be a chef.

And then a few seconds later she also told me that she would like to be a firewoman.

Fickle as she may be, I swear that it was the best thing I have heard that day.

"Oh so you want to be both?"

"Yes!" she said.

Very well then. Be both my dear. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as it makes you happy.

Anyway, when I became a parent I vowed to myself to support my child in whatever thing that choose to pursue in their life and just be happy as long as they are.

Gone are the days when we parents need to literally shape our children's future by making them do something they don't like or be something that they don't even want to be.

A girl is allowed to dream big in our family,  just as how every girl (and boy) are allowed to dream big out there. 

And behind her aspirations, Bella too has her own Disney Princess who inspires her.

To be honest, she would say all Disney Princesses aspires her, but in particular, she really loves Pocahontas.

When I relate it to her personality, I can pretty much tell that she probably loves Pocahontas because of her courage and how she dares to be different. I hope when she grows up she will continue to have the courage to be confident, content and believe in herself, insya Allah.

Anyway how about your girls? Do they have their own favourite Disney Princess too? If yes, how does the princess inspire her? Maybe you can try asking your girl too, and be surprised at what she may tell you!

And if you are proud about it and wish to share it with Disney, here is how you can do it and stand a chance to win a family holiday in a fairytale castle in Germany!

Visit the Dream Big, Princess Dream Wall to submit your child's own aspirations today by clicking at this link. This contest ends on 15 June 2016, so don't be late ok?

Here is to empowering our girls to be the best they can be. Here is to teaching them to love themselves and be happy with their own strength and weaknesses, and become a great women some day.

Dream Big, Princess! ;)



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