Recipe : Easy peasy Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Lime Popsicles

You may have noticed that I have been talking about Nickelodoen Kids Choice Awards for the past few posts right?

Well, just to get into the mood, I actually made something out of the theme. Just for fun, and yeah because I am so proud to hear the our own Malaysian, Pandelela Rinong was a nominee for the Favourite Asian Sports Star category!

So to celebrate that (and to help the family cool down in this scorching hot weather), I have whipped up a simple Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award inspired lime popsicles. Obviously, it has to be green like the slime kan?

It's really easy actually, so here goes the recipe if you feel like trying it at home (you can do it with the kids too!)

Easy pease lime popsicles


10-15 limau kasturi or limau nipis (I prefer limau kasturi coz they are sweeter)
Sugar (1/2 cup)
Warm water
Green food colouring

1) In a jug, dissolve sugar and warm water thoroughly. I prefer to make it a little sweeter so that the popsicles tastes nicer
2) Squeeze out the juice of the limau kasturi or limau nipis. You can use as many as you want actually.
3) Add in a little drop of green food colouring
4) Mix thoroughly
5) Pour the mixture into a popsicle mould
6) Slice the lime into thin pieces and drop into the mould as a garnish. It would look lovely!
7) Freeze for a few hours until set


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