Trying out the new Lifebuoy Clini-Shield 10 Bodywash

So, have you seen the commercial for this latest range of Lifebuoy Clini-Shield10 bodywash on TV? The one with the helicopter flying into the forest with a scientist and journalist?

Yeah, I saw it too. Hehe.

I was wondering what is the Activ Naturol Shield thing and then I got the chance to try them out myself. See? I was really paying attention to the commercial LOL.

Anyway, unlike the other range, this one has only 2 fragrances - Fresh and Complete. 

Fragrance wise, well I would say that this would be perfect if you love a clean, hygienic smell (sort of like the reassuring smell you get at a healthcare center). Hehe. It does smells nice, but I prefer other more contemporary fragrances (I am a sucker for fragranced body care products).

Of course the Clini-Shield thing is excellent, as it provides extra protection from all of those nasty bugs. We have been using antibacterial soaps for the shower and handwashing for a while now, so this is totally an A+ for our family :) I mean, 10x protection? Yes please! Haha.

Here is some more info about Lifebuoy Clini-Shield10 if you'd like to know more:


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