Cultivating a handwashing culture with Lifebuoy Global Handwashing Day 2015

We all know the importance of washing hands.

The problem is, we tend to forget to do it, or sometimes, we choose to ignore the fact that it is a MUST to wash hands properly with soap.

Many of us take for granted that water itself can clean our hands, when the truth is not all of the nasty bacterias and virus are eliminated only through water.

I try my best to teach Bella and Khaleeli the importance of washing hands, especially after using the toilet and coming home from an outing, or before eating.

Although I do try, I admit that I myself also fail at doing it. Sigh. Yeah sometimes I take these things for granted too, thinking that water suffices. So the pemalas. Huhuh.

Anyway a few weeks ago, we were invited by Lifebuoy to be reminded again about the importance of washing our hands. Best of all, they also reminded us on HOW TO WASH OUR HANDS CORRECTLY. 

Haa! That is something that we should improve on right? I mean, using soap is one thing, but getting it spread properly on the hands is another.

On the day, Lifebuoy launched Global Handwashing Day 2015 – an annual global advocacy day to increase awareness and build the wash-your-hands-with-soap culture in our society.

I came to know that Lifebuoy have been working closely with the Ministry of Health to build awareness in our school children for the past 5 years – which I think is pretty awesome right?

They had this cool “Program Dr Muda bersama Lifebuoy” program where selected students are trained with healthcare basic modules, as well as being empowered to promote and influence good hygiene behaviour among peers. Great move at using peer-pressure there. Hehe.

During the launching, they also featured a group of choral speakers who apparently won the competition for this campaign, from SK Putrajaya Presint 14. 

Choral speaking participant from SK Putrajaya Presint 14, performing their routine which features 7 steps in handwashing thoroughly. 
What I like about it is that by listening to their performance, Bella and I can now remember how to wash our hands properly with the right techniques! It is easy for me to remind her too, what I do is tell her to wash her hands like the “kakak and abang” did. 

Wash that hands properly girl!
Anyway, after the launching we also had the opportunity to explore Kidzania (it was the first time for us) and Bella was the happiest person! LOL. Even I felt like joining the crowd, too bad I look too old to do so. Bahaha.

Learning how to make Vitagen.
Two things in life you can't avoid Bella, death and paying your tax. LOL.
So a big kudos to Unilever and Lifebuoy for this move! This is for sure one of the great community care program a big corporation can give to the world. I strongly support this kind of move for our society and for our children.

And thank you for the opportunity too!


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