The darker side of pregnancy, and the rainbow that comes after

Bella, and Khaleeli at 3 days old
I used to think that pregnancy is literally a beautiful journey.

I fell for all the sugarcoated lovely things like the pregnancy "glow",  the cute bump, the beautiful figure, the license to eat, the rights to be pampered like a queen.....

When I was done with my first childbearing experience, I honestly wish that someone has come up to me and told me about the reality of pregnancy, in all its glory and gore.

Let's just admit it - pregnancy spells misery - half of the time, at least.

The body ache, the raging hormones, the consistent feeling of fatigue, the agony of waiting, the body-expanding, the nauseas, the restless nights, the heavy steps....

The postpartum blues, the unwanted advices (which sometimes leaves us with no choice), the helplessness after delivery, the pain of labour, the healing, the sleep deprivation....

These are the things that every newbie pregnant mom deserves to know too. The reality that each and every one of us has to go through.

I know, it's depressing. In fact, it could also be scary.

However, it does have it's magical flair.

The truth is you deserve that baby when you manage to brave through all those horrifying moments. The newborn baby that you finally get to cradle in your arms. The innocent cooing and the quirky alien-ish features of a baby - it just knocks all those horrible things off.

You have earned them.

And the funniest thing - high chances that you will want to do it all over again.


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