Mommy and Khaleeli's sleeping journey - Part 2

A few months ago, I have shared about how we started to sleep train Khaleeli.

I was turning into a real mama panda and decided that I have had enough of sleepless nights for both of us. So, we tried out a natural sleep training method, as shared by Malaysia’s only baby sleep expert, Sarah Ong from Sleep Champ Baby.

So how did it go?

As of today, I am happy to report that Khaleeli’s sleeping habits has improved a lot.

It does however, takes a lot of time too.

Well, we all know that different babies have different ways in almost all aspects of growing up, including their sleeping habits. So apparently Khaleeli needs a lot more time and support in learning to sleep better, hence we are giving him plenty.

After the first try, we decided to pause his sleep training for a while during Ramadhan (due to shorter sleep time, with sahur and all). That is the best thing about Sarah’s method – it is natural and it is perfectly fine to take a break from it.

Then, a few weeks after Raya and as we ease back into our normal routines, we decided to resume sleep training.

I have noticed that Khaleeli can actually sleep on his own, but only when he does not see me around. He has grown very much attached to nursing for comfort, so whenever he sees me around he just insists to nurse.

So, we both (hubby and I) decided to sleep in a separate room. Hubby, being ever so supportive, agreed to sleep with Khaleeli and I slept with Bella in the other room. Plus, it also won’t disrupt Bella’s sleep since she needs to sleep well for school the next day.

The first night we resumed sleep training, Khaleeli fell asleep on his own (at that point of time he already has mastered falling asleep by himself, without nursing).

He slept for a good 2 hours, and then woke up and cried, looking for mommy to nurse.

That was the hardest part. I tried to support him and listen to his crying, while stroking him and cuddling and all, but he still cried on and on.

Then, hubby took over and continued to be there for Khaleeli while he cried and calmed down. My heart was heavy, but I had to be strong. So I went into my room and tried hard to fall asleep while listening to the distant sound of Khaleeli’s crying T_T.

After a very long time, that night, I have finally got back my good night’s sleep. I woke up early and hurried into the next room, only to find that Khaleeli is already awake and bubbly and wanted breakfast. Heheh.

Hubby reported that he was awake for another 2 times after he fell asleep that night, but each time his crying was shorter (more of a fussing) and he actually fell back to sleep on his own.

We continued on with the subsequent nights. The pattern continued for many nights after, but with varied times of waking up (sometimes twice, sometimes once). But what is significant is that he can now ease himself back into sleep every time.

Another thing that we noticed is that he dislikes sleeping in his own cot, and he sleeps a lot better on our bed. Hahah. Smart boy.

Anyway, last night, hubby told me that he did not wake up at all (guess what, he slept all night on our bed, hahah). Looks like co-sleeping on the same bed is the way to go for now.

I am not sure if this is the right way to train him, but we are still continuing with the same arrangement for another 2 weeks maybe. Hopefully he will improve much more.

If not, we’ll see how it goes.

For now, I am proud to conclude that:
  • I am no longer required to wake up for nursing at night anymore 
  • Khaleeli is now enjoying a longer and better sleep and rest every night
  • I have regained my sleeptime (thank God!)
  • I am a happier mom (I am smiling when writing this. Meheheh)
  • Hubby and I have more time for ourselves without interruption. Regardless of what activity. LOL.
Until then, I will be reporting again in Part 3!


yantysk said…
pasal tdo lena on our own bed tu, aaila pun sama. when she is sleeping on her own bed, mula lah bangun tengah malam. tdo sorg dekat our bed (while we tdo dekat atas toto!!), she slept soundly!

so nak kena beli katil besar ke apa ni?hahahah


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