Recipe for baby : Carrot and potato mash

I am honestly running out of ideas of what to make for Khaleeli's make-ahead frozen meals.

Well, I actually know that there are loads of recipes to try out there, but then I am not sure if the one I choose is suitable to be frozen. Most of them are nice if served fresh and hot.

Usually, there would be 3 varieties of frozen food that I would prepare for him every weekend : breakfast, sides and main.

Breakfast meals are most of the time oats, mixed with different flavours. Sometimes I put in dried apricots and dates, sometimes bananas, and most recently I have added some chocolate powder.

For sides, I would usually make something western, such as creamy soups, mashes or stir fried pastas.

Being Malaysian, of course the main would be rice. Most of the time it is rice porridge or mashed rice (since he is already eating more textured food these days). I just play around with the proteins and vegetables.

Today I started to pack some finger foods for him too. Honey cherry tomatoes. He really loves those. I am so glad that he eats his vegetables lol.

Anyway, last weekend I have came up with a new type of mash for Khaleeli. Instead of the usual potatoes alone, I have decided to mash them with some carrots. Thankfully it turned out delicious for that little eater. He loves it too (did I tell you that he eats like a boss? Heheh).

I tried some and it actually tastes quite good. Maybe I can consider making them for the rest of the family too, as sides for steaks or roast chicken.

Well, it's just a simple food really. But in case you would like to know how I made it, here goes:


1 carrot
1 Russett potato (I love these kinds coz it cooks quite fast)
A few cloves of garlic
Mixed dried herbs
Butter (you can use unsalted too)

1) Boil or steam carrots, potatoes and garlic until very tender (mashable)
2) While they are still hot, toss in the herbs and butter
3) Blend in a food processor. You may add some water if they are too thick for your baby.
4) Scoop and store in baby food cubes to be kept in the freezer

Ah, now I remember. I can actually mash sweet potatoes and pumpkins too! *duh*

Any recipes that you for baby food that you can share with me? Would love to try it out too!


Dils said…
Mashed it with peas too. I had just done that for today meal for my baby. Peas are sweet so it add a nice mixture to the blandness of potato.
Ayuni A. said…
Thanks Dils. Yeah I forgot abt peas too! Actually I used them when I made simple purees for him, but as he grew up I forgot that I could use them for mashes too.

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