Corelle Rosabelle for the rose lovers

I have always been in love with Corelle products. Well, ever since I started to have my own kitchen actually. These days I go for collecting kitchen stuffs so dinnerwares are one of the things that I can easily hoard. Heheh.

Besides that I also collect cookwares, especially those that can easily move from stovetop to the table to the fridge. I just love that versatility. It really does saves time and effort doesn't it?

Anyway, I basically love Corelle because of their light weight, so they are easy to handle and wash. Plus they are also so durable, I honestly don't worry so much when I let the kids use them.

As if they knew how much I love them, I was honoured to be invited by Corelle's Asia Pacific distributor, World Kitchen Asia Pacific, to enjoy the new Corelle dinnerware and Corningware cookware collection.



Aptly named, these are the new motives designed especially for Malaysian consumers. Apparently many Malaysians loves roses motive, and this time around they have come up with these pretty Apricot Rose design.

Personally, I think that this design gets prettier over time (I have to admit the first time I saw them, they looked a little ordinary, but then after many times looking at it, I think they are actually quite lovely. Heheh). I also had my eye on other more contemporary designs, you know those minimalist black and white motives. Yes, they do have such designs.

The Corningware is pretty hardcore too. I accidentally dropped the cover when I was carrying it, and it did not chip or break, not even little. Pheww.

My mother in law still uses her old Corelle plates, and amazingly they still look good and like new. It doesn't stain over time, the patterns does not fade at all and it is durable and light as ever. She said that her Corelle plates has been there ever since her children are young, so you can roughly know how old they are.

So if you are considering to get your own Corelle or Corningware, go for it. It's really worth the investment if you ask me.

Corelle Malaysia collections can easily be found at major department stores like Parkson Grand. If you'd like to keep up with them, you can also like World Kitchen's Facebook too.

Now go check them out now :)


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