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It has been 2 weeks since I started working again. Yes, I have completed my 6 months leave. Passed me by like a breeze......

Things have changed in the office too, particularly my job. New tasks, new responsibilities, and it is overwhelming me with a lot more numbers…..gahh.

So I started brand new, like reporting duty for a new job, except that I had to live with my old laptop, workstation and whatnots.

I am fine with it though, well at least so far. Maybe because I am the type who appreciates new things to do. Or maybe just because my old job was too boring and I was kind of underutilized. Haha.

Anyway..not meaning to bore you with my work, just wanted to share about this brilliant invention that I have discovered:


I have never really thought about this thing really, even when I complaint about how messy and wet I get every time I had to handle the kids during bath time (especially when I am somewhat ready in my outing clothes…ughhh).

So when I found out that my friend, Kak Melisa is selling this at her shop Made4Ayden, I thought to myself - I MUST HAVE IT!

Front view
Ok so basically this thing is like a towel that is nicely wrapped around your body, like an apron, and protects your clothes from the splish-splashes of water. It is made from an absorbent towel material, except for the fancy chevron part (that one is the normal cottony fabric used to make clothes or crafts).

Back view
It is actually long enough to fit even my taller husband, which is good because we can use the drapes to cover Khaleeli when we are done with his bath time. You know, no more kelam kabut to reach for the towel while handling a wiggly baby. Me likey.

Obviously Khaleeli loves it too. Hehe.

I can also wear this when I have to entertain Bella while she is playing the shower. Sometimes she wanted me to join the fun but I am too lazy to change my clothes and all.

Made4Ayden actually accepts a custom order for this lovely thingy – you can choose your own fabric design from her fabric selections.

Besides this bath apron, Made4Ayden also sews soft toys and baby shows which are just as adorable.

Need to know more? Feast your eyes and maybe buy a little thing or two here at Made4Ayden Facebook page. Or, if you have Instagram you can also follow her at @made4ayden and #made4ayden.

Trust me, you’ll love them ☺


Unknown said…
Seriuous best.. really need it..
Tisha said…
brilliant! ptt beli niii ok next bb lah
Hana Yunus said…
hey babe!! found ur blog :) love your writing

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