Video Review: Mamas and Papas Baby Snug with play tray

When I was preparing for Khaleeli's arrival, I thought that we already had everything a baby needs. Especially the bulky and costly ones.

Carseat? Check. Stroller? Check. Breastpump? Check. And the list goes on....

There is one thing that we forgot though, something quite important if you ask me.

A baby seat.

Initially I thought that baby seats are not very useful, since we actually survived without it during Bella's baby days. I have forgotten that back then, I used to put Bella in a carseat whenever I needed to feed her solids, and it was quite bulky and heavy. I had to use it until Bella's body is ready to be seated upright without support, quite a hassle to me....

Plus, I also did not get to teach her to wean herself (ever heard of baby-led weaning?). OK maybe this is just an excuse heheh.

Khaleeli seems to be a very demanding baby and he loves to be entertained too. He complains a lot when he is put on the baby mattress, most of the time always preferring to be seated upright instead.

Lenguhla mommy asyik nak pegang dia ajer..heheh...

So, one day, I decided to drive down to Little Whiz in Setia Alam to purchase this:
Mamas and Papas Baby Snug in Plum (with play tray)

I got this for a 10% discount, plus an extra RM15 deducted from the total price using my points earned from their loyalty program when we purchased carseat from them earlier.

After quite an extensive research, I found out that Little Whiz offers the best price. Their store carries a lottttttt of baby stuff, trust me you'll go gaga when  you visit their store. Oh and they do sell online too (Little Whiz online), so no worries if you can't drop by the physical store.

OK back to the baby seat. I have decided to make a recorded review of this lovely seat, just to let you have a closer look.

WARNING : First review video ever. Haha. Promise will improve next time. Oh ya, and please excuse the sudden appearance of Kakak Bella at the end of the video. That little diva, sheesh!

I hope you liked it and perhaps helps you with your decision making (if you are currently searching for one).

So what do you think of baby seats? Do you find it useful for your baby?


Unknown said…
Ayden is a very adventerous eater. he's more interested with what we are eating than his own food. Dah start ngunyah roti & trying to chomp down spagetti the other day. hehehehe..
Ayuni A. said…
Bagus Ayden! Senang nak makan kalau anak tak picky eater kan..

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