Recipe : Grilled Peach Salad

These few days I have been crazy about seasonal fruits.

I was at MBG IOI City Mall the other day, and caught sight of some plump and lovely sweet peaches. I have never really bought them before, but those things are just too irresistible.

I think that they must have been the last batch, as the ones that I bought were a tad overripe :(

Anyway, since I could no longer enjoy the crunchiness, I thought that it would be best if I turn it into a salad. Just let it turn into a mushy goodness, so to speak.

After digging through whatever I had in the fridge, here is what I have come up with:

Grilled Peach Salad

1 peach - cut into wedges
Chopped onions
Chopped cucumbers (I used Japanese cucumbers)
Chopped cherry tomatoes
Chopped cili padi (birds eyes chilli)

For the dressing:
Lime juice
Olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

1) Coat the peach wedges with some olive oil
2) Grill the peaches in a grilling pan until soft and charred (the juices of the peach will caramelize)
3) When done, mix all the ingredients with the dressing

We had it for dinner, with grilled chicken and rye crisps. I bet it would also make a fantastic topping for crunchy bread too.

This salad has a perfect balance of sour, salty and sweetness from the peaches. No sugar needed.

Have a try and let me know if you like it :)


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