Air-fried chicken chop

It has been a while since I posted recipes here. I wish I could do more of it, so that this blog won't be only about my parenting stories and all.

But he truth is, yes, my life right now is mostly about being a mom to my kids. Although, I swear there are many other things that I love to do too, like reading, writing, going shopping, drinking coffee, organizing...

...and cooking.

I do love cooking, I think the reason how I could actually cook despite being so tired at the end of the day is because I actually love doing it.

It's like a therapy (minus the cleaning part of course. Come on, nobody likes to clean up mess. LOL). I don't think about other things when I cook, all I do is focus on the food and its like a liberation because most of the time I have thousands of things running in my mind.

So anyway, just thought that I should share this little "discovery" that I have made about my air-fryer.

The other day, I bought a few packs of frozen chicken chops and I tried to fry it with the air-fryer. It turned out perfect to me – the skin was fried to a crispy perfection, but the flesh was still juicy and tender.

The good thing is, I did not have to watch it as it cooks (compared to grilling on the stove), and I can use only little oil.

Om nom nom. Yum!

I had it with some green salad, some leftover coleslaw and mushroom gravy.

The marinate for the chicken was easy peasy:

Minced garlic
Salt and pepper
Oyster sauce
Olive oil

As for the mushroom gravy, I think you’d better Google it since mine was not worth a recommendation haha…

So if you have an air-fryer and never tried this, maybe you should now :)

P/S: I have posted about my experience with an air-fryer before, together with a Chicken Cajun recipe, if you would like to give it a try too.


Ainul Mustafa said…
wow!! yummy :)
Cik Iman said…
looks good

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