A new online bookshop (and a discount code too!)

25 days into confinement. To be honest, I am bored and I could not wait for it to end.

So what else do I do?

Online shopping of course. Although it would be far more interesting to hit the malls again, with sleep deprivation and new routine I think I'll pass (as if I am allowed to go out in this period, LOL).

Speaking of online shopping, besides baby and kids stuff and new clothes, I actually like to browse for books too. But the downside is that in Malaysia there are not many online bookstores except for one very popular site, which sometimes does not carry the books that I wish to buy. Well, its not like that all the time, but it is always good to have an alternative right?

So when I heard about this bookstore -- the NOQ store -- I was excited to give it a try!

In essence, NoQ Store is an online bookstore that carries more than 14 million titles, covering a wide array of genres - Childrens, Education, Parenting, Fiction and many more. Sounds promising right? Here's a sneak peek:

I did some shopping myself and bought a few books for Bella. Their interface was user friendly and just like what I expect from a good e-commerce website, the process is not complicated too.

The books took around 1-2 weeks to arrive though, I think that is pretty standard. Here are my books when it arrived:

Like I said, its always good to have an alternative. As usual, I always have something for you, my readers :)

As a Mommy Confessionals reader you are invited to enjoy a 15% exclusive discount on all purchases. Simply use this code when you checkout:


This discount code is valid until 31 November 2014, so don't miss it OK?

Have fun browsing and shopping!


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