Parenting Euphoria

A few nights ago, I was wearing a heart-printed pyjama pants to bed. Bella, who is currently as tall as my thighs noticed the cute patterns and mentioned it to me.

She really has a flair for words and questions these days. I did not see the “why, where, what, who, how” phase coming this early, but apparently it is already here. And let me tell you, she also loves to make remarks about people and things around her too. I am pretty sure that it is another normal developmental milestone for a pre-schooler, so I am trying my best to teach her about diversity in people and the universe.

Anyway, back to the heart-print pants story. So, she was mentioning about how cute the pattern was and how it amuses her. As usual, I took some time to respond and give her some acknowledgement on her newfound muse.

As I was about to move on (I was actually walking towards the bedroom door), suddenly she gave me a big fat hug on my thighs which stopped me on my tracks.

“I love you mommy”, she said while hugging my thighs tightly, complete with a face that convinced me that it comes from the bottom of her heart.

“Awwww…I love you too Bella”, I said, holding back my tears.

I was taken aback really, but flattered at the same time. All the tiredness of the day seemed to me something so minute to me, it all faded away to a distant horizon, so to speak.


It’s amazing how these little people surprise us. It felt like God was sending His grace through a child, reminding us to never, even for one minute, regret our decisions to build a family and become a parent.

Some people may choose not to have any child in their lives, as they prefer to live free without such a huge commitment. “I am enjoying my life the way it is”, they say. Well, I respect that choice.

But if you ask me what they are missing out, I’d answer that it is this euphoria.

P/S: My prayers go out to my friends and family who are struggling to have a child of their own. I pray that God gives them a gift of child soon, because I know that these people are ready to be a good parent that a child would deserve.


Hy Ayuni..

singgah pertama kali di blog u.. =)
deedots said…
Alamak, entry ni mmg teardropping la beb :')
Ayuni A. said…
Tq for dropping by Melastik Bintang :) And Dhuha, my prayers to you dear..Amin :)

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