Because one handbag is never enough :P

We all need a handbag. Ladies, especially, and even men!

It’s only a matter of time before a guy realizes that he needs a handbag. A wallet, a smartphone, a tab or an Ipad, coins, a pen, a handkerchief, a pack of tissues - how can you fill all that in only two pockets?

It took me some time to make my husband realize that he needs a bag that he can carry whenever he is out and about. When he got used to it he fondly calls it a “murse” (man-purse). LOL

I managed to convince him that a bag helps a lot especially when he literally had to deal with too many things in his hands. It felt great when he agrees to my logic.

Now he has 2 murses. He alternates the use depending on how much things he need to carry. Aww. I am a proud wife. Haha.

With that, I thought it would be easy for him to understand that a woman can never have only one handbag. Apparently he doesn’t, but whatever….. :P

If you are a lady, I bet you agree with me? *grins*

Occasionally, I find myself browsing through handbags. I just love them. Either offline or online, handbags always catch my eyes. When I go out I also look at other people’s handbags and amuse myself of their taste. Just for fun, really.

When it comes to online browsing, besides the designer sites, I noticed that Zalora Online Shopping Fashion Store also has quite a wide handbag collection that fancies me.

I prefer leather most of the time, and buckles. I love cross-bodies too. I think it suits my “sempoi” style. Plus it helps a lot when I need to go hands free with Bella.

This is my dream handbag for the moment, but I don’t know if I will ever own it because it sure costs a bomb! *cry*

Mulberry Alexa

When it comes to size, nowadays I prefer larger ones. Small ones no longer work for me. I have a few small ones but I hardly use it anymore because these days I carry not only my own stuff, but for Bella too. A pack of wet wipes and some snacks, to name a few.



Tagg (available at Zalora)
Passion (available at Zalora)

I honestly don’t fancy hobos though. I am not sure why. Maybe I feel like the rounded look accentuates my round body? Haha. I don’t know.

I also do not own any formal-looking handbag like these ones yet. It sure looks pretty, but I think that I will not use it very much except for work or events:


Clutches looks adorable too, but due to the same practicality issues I also don’t own any. Maybe I should, just in case? Hmmm…

Something Borrowed (available at Zalora)


Ahh..I can never get tired of this. Now you know what to get me when my birthday comes right? Hihi.

How about you? What kind of handbag do you like? Besides a wallet and a phone, what is your must-have in your handbag?


we call them man bags hi hi hi being a mum and being back in school has really toned down the bag craze for me. Browsing sure is fun!
Aty Fared said…
pitam tengok bag cantik2....terus rase meroyan nak beli satu...or may be more... ;p
Ayuni A. said…
Tq for sharing my enthusiasm hihihi
Unknown said…
i ada penyakit, beli dulu menyesal kemudian. tapi orang kata ok lagi macam tu dari menyesal tak beli. hahaha.

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