Product Review : Philips My Buddy kids nightlight

A few posts ago I have posted about my recent experience at the Philips My Buddy launching at Ozmosis Spa Bangsar.

One My Buddy also followed us home that day, and she has been Bella's buddy ever since.

This was the 1st thing Bella did when we opened the pack and turned it on. She was so excited, she did a demonstration LOL.

It's OK, I did not understand her words too, but her gestures and the way she smacks My Buddy head was so hilarious hahaha..

Not that you need to smack the head anyway, just gently tap on the head actually, that'll do!

Alright, so far My Buddy is still chilling in the bedroom, accompanying us to sleep. Obviously we love it very much.

We use the reading light when reading to Bella, it is bright enough actually, especially when you read children's book with large illustrations and fonts. The light sets the mood for bedtime, while letting you read. It's not too bright like the ceiling lights so yeah, that's great.

When it is time for bed, we tap the head to set it into sleep mode. During sleep time, My Buddy shows a moon on her belly - so Bella quickly understands that it is bedtime :)

The best thing is that I find it easier for me to announce bedtime to her eversince My Buddy came in.

When the night is over, we set My Buddy to show a sun on its belly. How do we do it? With a timer of course. If you at the panels there, you can set your sleep and wake time accordingly. For instance, in our case, we set it at 7 am. When it is 7 am, My Buddy will automatically change to display sun. Of course that also depends on the setting that you make with the dial below the clock panel.

Not bad huh?

The first time I saw My Buddy, my concerns was the weight and heat. Usually bedside table lamps are heavy and quite hot. But then after I laid my hands on it, I was surprised that it is completely cool to the touch, regardless when it is on night light of sun/moon light. It is also very light, so I don't have to worry if it falls down and accidentally hit Bella's feet or something.

Looks like the people at Philips were really serious when designing lights for kids. Heheh.

My Buddy is also designed to be robust too, so if you have adventurous kids you don't need to worry about it breaking if it falls on the floor.

Another interesting thing about My Buddy is that it is sustainable. Although it is a bit pricey for a bedside lamp, I believe it is so because it operates on LED light. LED lights are very efficient - they save energy and it lasts a lot longer. We have been choosing LEDs over compact lightbulbs nowadays, so yes that is a plus point for us too :)

How much My Buddy helps with bedtime actually depends on the child's age though. I personally think that it works better for children who are already sleeping on their own, separately in their own rooms. It becomes a comforting tool for the child and helps tell them when it is time to wake up (the sun and moon indication). The soft glow also helps sets the mood and soothe them to sleep.

Bella is still sleeping with us in the same room. We use My Budyy anyway, and like I said, so far it helps us to train Bella the concept of bedtime.Perhaps when she is ready to sleep on her own in her own room, My Buddy will help her ease into it.

In a nutshell, I'd recommend My Buddy if you are looking for a bedside lamp that is totally designed for kids. I think it makes a good investment because no doubt it could last very long even until your last child heheh..

Thank you Philips for the opportunity to review this product. My Buddy is already part of our family! ;)


Huda@Hood said…

Bella comel terlampau!
Han Hanni said…
sonok bella dapat product tu.comelll
Ayuni A. said…
Hi Huda and Hani :) Haha..tq tq..kelakar sgt tgk Bella ketuk lampu tu..LOL
Unknown said…
very cute girl...blogwalking..jemput ke blog saya dan bertukar2 link..;)

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