The way Bella plays

With her doctor and doll set. Yeah, mommy picked it up for her, not that she asked for it.. Heheh.

I noticed that Bella has always been fascinated with constructive toys. Things like puzzles, problem-solving toys and building blocks.

Whenever we enter a toy store like Toys R Us, she will always head for the trains, balls, cash registers, or those toys that has lights and buttons on it. Never once did she make her own way to the “pinkier” sections – those with Barbie’s, cooking sets or princess costumes.

I bought her first set of Lego Duplo a few months ago and she loves it until now (of course it was a girlier version, one with a horse barn theme, hehe).

Hubby also keeps on adding to the collection. Right now, she has a few cars and trucks, two horses, two figurines and even a petrol tanker. Heheh.

Hubby is also collecting part by part to make up a big Lego Duplo house for Bella. The good thing about Lego is that it is modular, so we can collect it bit by bit and play mix and match.

Only one problem – I get very clueless when it comes to playing Lego with Bella.
Building things are just not my forte. I can stack those blocks up, but that is about it, nothing to marvel about. Haha.

Poor Bella, I always asked her to wait for her Abah if she wants to construct a new model.
Hubby on the other hand seems to enjoy their Lego time. I’d take it as a special bonding time for them. Everytime hubby made a new model for her, she will go on and on saying “Mommy look! Abah buat, abah buat!” excitedly.

Sometimes I wonder whether I should worry that she is not into girly stuff. But I think for now I’ll just let it be. I’ll just go with the flow.

Maybe she is built for analytical and technical stuff, like her Abah. I am not a big fan of princesses and ponies anyway, so no big deal. Or maybe its just too early to tell.

Recently, Bella has also started role-playing, and that is good. Although she loves constructional toys, sometimes I caught her playing with a doll, tending to her like it’s her own baby. Sometimes she reads to her stuffed toys.

Not bad at all eh?

Dear Bella,
As you grow older there will be more and more choices and preference to make. Maybe someday what you chose is against mine, but always keep this in mind – I will continuously try my best to support you. 
These days you always seem to have a mind of your own. Although sometimes it drives me crazy, I take pride that you are actually learning to be independent and make your own decisions. 
Only that some things are not meant to be done yet, and for that you easily get frustrated. At times like that all I can do is acknowledge your feeling, that way you will learn that it is perfectly normal to feel angry. 
One fine day you will accept that things do not always go your way. Meanwhile, just continue to try and understand the world around you, and I will try my best to help you along the way. 
Love ya,


Unknown said…
I loike that (Y)
yantysamsul said…
oh my god.. macam aku bace cerita psl aku je.. not good with lego stuff (aaila prefer abi dia).. which explain, the only i can built for her is a tower!.. no pinkish stuff.. only cash register, books, cooking stuff..

doll? dia buat tak tahu je.. maybe aku pun tak pernah nak introduce her to bear, barbie etc.. or perhaps, it just not there yet?

Tisha said…
ala cute jer note to bella. haha
Huda@Hood said…

Tapi Kakak suka je main Lego dengan I. Sebab I suka buat macam-macam sebab I yang excited lebih!


Plush toys kat rumah ni tak terusik pun. Mungkin bila dah 'anak dara' sikit baru main kot.
Ayuni A. said…
Hihi tq for the comments everyone. @Huda oo u mesti kreatif main ngan Lego kan? I wish I am haha..

@Yanty maybe its still early with Aaila, but u can try introducing those toys to her if you want la hihi..

@tisha, LOL thanks ;)

@Ila I quite loikeee that toooo
I think it's not fair to label toys as girlish and boyish sgt, that said I don't like the excessive pinkish stuff or excessive violent toys for both gender. I think toys should be unisex, let the poys play with pots and pans and let the girls play with trucks and screwdrivers.

I yang suka main blocks dengan Haraz, my husband tengok je, tak tau dah nak buat apa. Kena use imagination, build a city ke, then buat storyline hi hi hi

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