Wish me luck for my exam!

12.26 am.

I am supposed to be studying now. Yeah, exam is near. It's very near, its on Monday!


Wow, it has been a while since I had an examination. Apart from an IT certification a few years back, the last time was when I was in university back in 2006.

To be honest, occassionally I dream about exams. I am weird like that! Like seriously, dreaming about how I was not prepared at all, and I was about to enter an exam hall. Or realizing that there is major exam coming up and I was zero at studying. And struggling to catch up. Interestingly most of the time it's the subject that I fear most - Maths. What lah....Haha..

Anyway on a brighter side, my first Journalism and Newswriting and Media Law (yes, it's freaking LAW!) is an open book exam - I can still refer to my course notes and textbook. But, only within 2 hours. And it's totally online.

Now, the challenge is not to get drifted away busy looking for an answer. I still need to have the skill at knowing WHAT to look for. Ahh...so this is exactly what an openbook exam is all about.

Wish me luck, guys. I need all the luck, as I have to pass the law exams to qualify for a Journalism Diploma. Insya Allah :)

I'll better start my revision now.

Until then, hope your Ramadhan is productive too!


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