Cracking our heads for the kitchen project

The problem with a second hand home is that once you move in, you will start to discover all the wear and tears from the previous owner. 

We ran out of luck when apparently the house that we are living in right now has a bit too many. From irregular water flow that costs us a bomb with the water bills (!) to defective air conditioner remotes. 

Hubby joked that perhaps the previous owner was planning on “pakai buang”, y’know, “screw the maintenance, we’ll just sell the house when all things are broken!”


Anyway we are glad that we finally have the means to improve the home. So these are pretty much what are happening around the home.

We managed to repaint the exterior, with a major re-piping. The photo lighting looks a bit yellowish but basically it is of a greyish green, nude and white palette.

And now the kitchen that used to look like this is totally gone! I particularly hated the concrete slabs, so good riddance! Heheh..
I don’t have a photo of the stripped naked space, but you get the idea. New tiles, new floors, and most exciting of all, new cabinets! Yeay!

I’ll try to write about the progress soon. Honestly I can’t wait for it to be done because our living room is now a messy makeshift kitchen!

*deep breaths*


Whoaaaa... you even cut the pictures and past it in your book!! Very creative!!! :)
Amnah Shurfa said…
Hi there! Thanks for your comment on my blog! You have a beautiful blog, I can't wait to see your finished kitchen!

My own home is a mess right now, still full of unpacked boxes. I am looking forward to decorate soon!
Noor said…
Ahh mashAllah I love your house they look so much like the ones here. I also like Malaysia I want to move there inshAllah one day.
Ayuni A. said…
Shaza: Hehe biasala rajin daydreaming ^_^

Amnah: Hi Amnah! Thanks for dropping by :) Ah the mess, have fun with that hihi..once done it would be all worth it!

Noor: Thanks Noor! If you happen to come to Malaysia I'd love to meet you in person if its OK with you :)

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