Huggarific Huggies Dry Pants!

These days there are a lot of things that I adore about Bella. Like how she suddenly blurted out new words, or gave me a peck on the cheeks when I am carrying her.

But there are also a number of things that sends me to the verge of my insanity, and one dreaded thing is how she would not cooperate with dressing or undressing.

Particularly with the diapers.

OK actually this happened a lot earlier, as far as I can recall it was when she was able to walk.

Phewww…even thinking about it makes me feel so tired. Haha.

Anyway, I have always been a selective when it comes to diapering. During the early days I experimented with a lot of brands, and in the end there is this one brand that seems to be comfortable enough for Bella’s bum and my conscience:

And boy have we been a loyal customer ever since! Raise your hands if you are with me? :)

Obviously loving her Huggies!

The awesome part is that now it has come up with a new product – Huggies Dry Pants! I discovered about it when I was out grocery shopping and I literally shrieked with joy. Haha (see how much I adore pull up diapers? It keeps me from insanity LOL).

I remember thanking God so hard for the inventors of pull up diapers. I bet the one who came up with the idea was also a mom (or a dad?). Haha.
If you ask me what I love most about Huggies Dry Pants is of course the one thing that they always carry in their brand: It help keeps diaper rash at bay!

I totally vouch for this, I think I can count with my fingers how many times Bella had diaper rash when were using this brand especially when she was a baby. 

Not to mention the convenience too. As the tagline goes : “Koyak, Salin & Lepas”. Yes it does live to the words! No kidding! 

I find that Huggies Dry Pants are easier to tear off and diaper changing is always complete in a jiffy as I do not need to struggle with the removal (even Bella helps to “koyak” too! LOL). The sidebands are very soft and comfy and it’s almost seamless. It has a quick lock system too to prevent that darn leakages.

Hmm not bad eh?

So mommies, what do you think? Perhaps its time to “Change for a Better Convenience” now??

Aahh…so you need a little more convincing? No problem! Here is what you can do:

Huggies will be sending you a packet of sample for you to try it on your own! Cool huh? No need to gamble with a big purchase just yet, I like!

If you happen to like Huggies too, as usual, show them your support by LIKING them on Facebook here!


Farah said…
Bella is sooooo pretty!! And she looks so happy with the Huggies hehe comel sgt :)


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