Winner of Mommy Confessionals 1st Giveaway!

OK so its time to announce the winner for my first giveaway earlier this month :

I am a bit sad that there was not much participation, oh well maybe not many of my readers are scrapbooking or digital publication fans. Maybe next time I should come up with a more interesting prize for a giveaway eh?

However, I am still glad that there were 2 participants who joined (thanks Sue and Mama Haraz), and let's see who is the lucky one who will win a full suite of My Memories Suite V4. Of course these ladies are looking forward to winning the suite, I am pretty sure that they already have a few projects in mind! :)

Alright, so here as promised, I am using the Random Generator to choose the lucky winner (gosh its still hard!) :


1) Suhana Suarni -

Anddddd...the lucky winner is...


Congratulations dear Mama Haraz, you are the lucky winner of My Memories Suite V4. I will be getting in touch with you soon to let you know about the installation download. To Sue, thanks again for participating dear, better luck next time :)

Aah, and in case you missed my review of the absolutely amazing My Memories Suite, visit my entry here to learn more about it and grab a discount coupon if you wish to purchase one :)


Wow!! MashaAllah This is so unexpected :D

Thank you!
ishamizu said…
Congrats to mama Haraz! :)

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