I met a supermom.


She has a full time job, and currently pursuing ACCA, a supportive husband who rides a power bike, and 4 boys and a little toddler girl.

Every day she wakes up around 5 am and leaves home around 6.30 am to send 3 of her sons to school, while the husband takes care of the youngest son who goes to kindy.

Every day she fetches them from school and she cooks dinner for the family.

Every night she will prepare 8 sets of clothes and school supplies for the sons (because they go to two schools every day). 

Every weekend she does the laundry and takes care of the home.

And she has no extra help at home. No maid, no weekly help whatsoever, except for a husband.
And she had to endure missing her little girl toddler each day because she is living with the grandma at kampong. I think that her hands are full enough with the older kids, who am I to judge her by not keeping ALL of her kids around when it is obvious that she is already making a lot of sacrifices for her children?

Now tell me, is not that an epitome of a supermom?

All she does is impress me, at how she manages her life and her kids and how she manages to keep things together.

And here I am already complaining at how tired I am, having just one little toddler to take care every day?

It is amazing how moms are built for perseverance. It’s like this kind of magic that keeps us going each and every day, although most of the time we feel like we are the MOST tired person in the world. 

And when we are done for the day, seeing our children all happy and peaceful as they go to bed, is so gratifying, to the point of being addictive.

Just because of that, we wake up the next morning, and continue to persevere again.


Unknown said…
Wow supermom indeed! Cook everyday..? 5 kids? Don't think I can ever do what she does...sekarang aje penat memanjang :(
Ayuni A. said…
Kan? I dont think I can too. She is so penyabar. Kagum!

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