Bella's 1st Haircut!

So finally, Bella had her first haircut.

I was actually planning to keep her hair long and making the front part the same length as the back, so that one day I can braid her hair or make a neat little bun out of it.

Turns out I had enough of her messy hair, haha. And I had enough of struggling to tie her hair every single time so that she feels more comfortable (poor baby..huhu). I think she may have the same feeling as me too.

Introducing Bella with a new hair.......*drumroll*

For the first few days she looked like a new person, and I gotta admit that I kinda miss her in a messy hair. Pulak dah.

Anyway, I think her hair is going to grow back in a flash, and most probably I'll keep it this way for a longer time. Heheh.

So, what do you think? How do you prefer you daughter's hair? Long or short?


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