Hello 2013.

Finally 2012 left us, and then comes 2013 with another chance of a new beginning, and a fresh start.

Most of us will be jotting down our goals and resolutions to achieve in this brand new year, and so do I.

Only that, when I revisit my previous resolutions I always feel bad for not being able to strike off many of them, perhaps because I was not so specific with my resolutions OR I just was not working hard enough to achieve them.

Now, how do I do it this year? Hmmm....

Let me give this a try.

I'll just use one phrase for my resolution this year.

There. Simple.

With that I hope it will apply to any endeavor that I make in my life this year. In shaa Allah.

I wish you good luck with yours, and may this year will be even better with good things ahead!:)


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