With hardship comes relief.

The Noble Quran is full of wonders, and full of wisdom, for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

I am just beginning to understand the Quran better, by reading the translations in my mother tongue. As much as I do favour English in my writings, I think my Malay mother tongue will give me more comprehension especially in complex translations.

Anyway here is one piece that I hold on very dearly to. It has proven to be my saviour, something that soothes me when I had too much of stress at work, at home and whatever troubles that comes along in my life.

Save it, share it, paste it on your desktop, your home. Anywhere.

The words are not mine after all, and the words of Allah is for everyone :)


Huda@Hood said…

Bila baca translation dalam Bahasa Melayu,

kita akan baca sambil angguk2.

Ayuni A. said…
Exactly! Memang sgt enlightening, and sometimes made me go "oooo"... :)

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