Bella the lefty.

According to the baby and child milestone chart that I have posted before, one of the milestones for a 2 year old would be the tendency of using one hand more than the other.

I think Bella has clearly displayed that.

Lately I keep on catching her using her left hand. And judging from my genes and the dominance (left is more dominant than right, right?), I am pretty sure that Bella is a lefty.

I myself was a lefty, according to my mom (who is also a left-handed person, along with my father). But then mama was determined to teach me to use more of my right hands, so here I am more comfortable with my right hands.

I can still use my left hand in some tasks though, like using the steak knife. When I first picked up a guitar, I did it lefty style too. I think I still got the lefty factor. Heheh. I am also sure with enough practice,  I can write nicely with my left hands.

Hubby, on the other hand, prefers Bella to learn to write with her right hands. Reason is because writing left-handed can be inconvenient, which is also quite true. But to be honest, I don’t mind it. Writing with the left hand seems quite cool to me. They got style, haha.


I also found out that left-handed people are creative too. And I am proud of that. If Bella is really a lefty, then I am not surprised if she is more inclined to the creative side as she grows up.

Nah, I am not worried. But the only thing that we have to keep on teaching her is to eat with her right hands. For others, I’ll just let her take her own course (oh maybe I have to check with hubby again about the writing, lol).


fana said…
Teaching her to use her right hand might be a good idea, our school system and things in general favors the right handed.

Bella can be ambidextrous! :D
Ayuni A. said…
Thanks Farhana :)

Mama Haraz, ahah! Ambidextrous that is the word! Well I should try eh? Would be definitely good for her too.
rina said…
My fren yg lefty bole makan karipap sambil siapkan kerja sekolah during!

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