DIY : Making a playhouse for little Bella.

We had so many empty boxes lying around post house move, and one fine day on a less hectic weekend (trust me we have so little of those), I asked hubby to make a playhouse for Bella.

I found a tutorial in Pinterest on how to make a foldable playhouse out of cardboxes, and that was what inspired me.

We did not have a suitable box to make a foldable one (always the case, bila tak nak , ada aje, bila nak guna , semua takde..pfft) so we just resorted to making a simpler version with whatever type boxes we had.

So we turned these boxes:

Using mostly this :

And of course some essentials like a blade and some heavy duty double sided tapes.

Into this:

Pretty neat huh?  It looks so “cardboardy” though, maybe I should find some time to dress it up a bit. Hmmm… Perhaps some fabrics to make a window or some paint to add colour. That would be lovely.

I think Bella hasn’t reached the “imagination” play stage yet, but at least the playhouse will be ready once she is.  Meanwhile, she has turned it into a sticker wall. Oh she loves em’ stickers!  And I am glad that at least the playhouse keeps her from turning the walls and furnitures into her sticker masterpiece. Hehe.

Inspired to make a playhouse too? Here is the link to the tutorial I mentioned above:

Good luck! :)


That looks really nice!!!
Bella looks so grown up ;)

Unknown said…
thank you for this post!
will definitely do one for my girl :p
Unknown said…
Very, very nice! I feel like asking you to make one for my Zuleyka, too! Hehe..
I ni kes bila ada kotak, tak terfikir nak buat/malas nak buat...padahal slalu jugak tengok pinterest. :P
Qistin Fadzin said…
love love love. i wish i cud start on some pinterest projects too but God knows when ;P
ishamizu said…
Good job, dear! Untungla Bella ada mOmmy yg creative mcm you :)
Ayuni A. said…
Thanks everyone :) Please don't forget to share your versions too hihi..should be better than this boring plain one.hehe..

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