Breastfeeding Workshop

Just some heads up on the events organized by, one stop center for breastfeeding support in Malaysia.

If you are currently expecting and probably going to become a working mom, perhaps you may like to attend this upcoming event next month :

Besides this event, will be organizing more workshops in the near future as well. Click on the link below to go to their Events Page and find the workshops suitable for you!

I wish I attended such workshops when I was pregnant with Bella before, anyway, I hope I will able to attend one for my next child one day. Insya Allah. There are still a lot of things that I should learn about breastfeeding, and this workshop sounds very promising.


ishamizu said…
Bestnya. Yuran pon affordable! Untung sape yg pergi..dpt ilmu breastfeeding yg sememangnya sgt berharga. :)
Fathiyah said…
yes. if u want to bf your next baby, then join this event. dulu ms pregnant nuha, i dah register bf class, but last minute susuibu had to cancel the class sbb clash dgn motherhood expo. lps tu i dah tak sempat pon nak join their next class. tau2 dah bersalin. heee
Ayuni A. said…
Izu: Yup agreed. I used to think that I knew enough, but obviously not! hehe..harus improve.

Fathiyah : Hehe takpe Fathiyah. nnti baby 2nd leh le join :)

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