My cute tomato

Bella in her uniform, all ready to start her day.

She even has a nickname at school now, Takali (means cute tomatoes). So cute. Haha.

The teachers seems to adore her so much, maybe because of her playful nature and easygoing persona. Wow that's elaborate for a 2 year old, LOL.

Anyway I am happy that she is in good hands, Alhamdulillah. She is also getting chubbier by the day, looks like she has taken more interest in eating these days. Still the picky eater, but manageable.

I am gonna doze off now. Oh yes, this is one of the rare nights that I succeeded at staying up late (in spite of a numerous failed attempt at not falling asleep with Bella during her bedtime). I even got to finish a movie just now! Aaah...the joys of being a mom. I can even get excited over going grocery shopping alone, it almost felt like an escapade of sorts. Heheh.

A lot of house work waiting tomorrow. Laundry, unpacking (yes, still am!) and maybe I can finally spend more time on Bella's playroom. Long list, don't get me started.

Until then, goodnite and sleep tight!


Unknown said…
I used to call my eldest boy 'tomato' when he was a lil toddler, too! Cute innocent round face, macam a perfect tomato hehe..
Bella is so cute in her uniform :)
ishamizu said…
kitorang pon dulu panggil Zafri Tomato goreng. hehe.

Nway, comel sgt Bella! Have fun at school, cutie! ;)
Tisha said…
groceries alone mmg best! all moms need that.
Ayuni A. said…
Thanks kak Millie and Izu :) Tomato really suits cute toddlers hehe..

Tishya, gotta agree! Mcm therapy gitu...hehe

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